15 French Diet Secrets for Health and Happiness

Dietary knowledge from a French storekeeper
When I was eleven, my family and a few shut family friends traveled around Paris and therefore the French country for per week. I keep in mind that everything looked – and tasted – as if i used to be carrying the proverbial rosy glasses. though we have a tendency to enjoyed the essential holidaymaker activities, my favorite half was slippery  out of the tourist-filled town into the country, wherever we have a tendency to stayed at atiny low hostel and walked through the city.

At one home search, my pappa began a oral communication with the grandmotherly storekeeper. She spoke smart english and that they got into this evangelical discussion concerning the variations between the French and yank lifestyles. “It’s quite easy,” she declared matter-of-factly, “We French board the instant. You can’t eat the instant and drive within the moment at constant time. however Americans drive whereas intake all the time.” we have a tendency to all listened as she created similar comparisons, all of that created excellent sense to clarify America’s fatness epidemic and therefore the general health of the French nation.

Does the French diet keep you thin?
It provided a completely entertaining  and eye-opening scan whereas outlining the final word non-diet for losing weight with French principles.

The alone success of the French diet rests on nutrient-dense ingredients and therefore the celebration of food as ritual. With insights from Mirelle’s book, similarly as my very own analysis into healing nutrition and my expertise in France, here square measure fifteen French diet secrets that i think everybody ought to apprehend – and follow – for womb-to-tomb health and happiness.

1. intake is usually aware
Mindful intake will increase repletion, digestion and pleasure whereas reducing caloric intake, stress hormones and weight gain. The French cultures encourages aware consumption of every meal and even snacks. this can be one in every of the foremost vital factors in French health.

We can solely digest once the systema nervosum is in parasympathetic mode, the “rest and digest” state. once we square measure stressed, intake on the run, intake before of the TV or intake in an exceedingly hurry, we have a tendency to cannot properly digest our food as a result of we have a tendency to square measure in sympathetic mode. Undigested meals mean we have a tendency to feel unhappy and knowledge a bunch of uncomfortable symptoms like bloating and gas.

The French see food as a ritual. A meal involves associate incidental to wine, family or friends, discussion, laughter and reverence of the delicious food. By intake slowly over a amount of courses, the French relish wonderful digestion and feel glad while not ever gluttony.

2. The French apprehend and settle for the worth of quality food
Americans – and people in alternative Western nations facing epidemic diseases – would like a paradigm shift. we have a tendency to pay very little for quality food, then again find yourself outlay a lot of on care and medications within the future. Instead, we want to take a position in healthy food to stop ill health prices within the future.
French families apprehend the art of stretching the food budget by making ready wholesome foods reception and utilizing each morsel that gives nutrients and flavor, together with bones and organ meats. thereupon aforementioned, the French don’t balk at paying a lot of for quality food. They apprehend that quality food suggests that pleasure within the short-run and health within the long. 

3. The French relish market visits
The French frequent their native markets varied times per week and typically once per day. This accomplishes 2 factors very important to the nation’s health: native food and seasonal food. 

By getting from vendors at their market, the French relish unprocessed, nutrient-dense and contemporary foods. They apprehend their producers and perceive from wherever their foods comes. in addition, looking at the market restricts their manufacture purchases to seasonal manufacture. The French scorn tomatoes within the dead of winter, as a result of they apprehend solely summer vine-ripened tomatoes square measure value paying for. Even salmon could be a seasonal food in France, as a result of the French like contemporary and wild fish over farmed or frozen choices.


4. The French don’t eat foods with a TV industrial
How many foods in your stowage and may you see in an exceedingly TV commercial? One cardinal rule of health intake is, “Don’t eat any food that incorporates a TV industrial.” The French style complies with this rule as a matter after all.

Because the French search primarily at markets for day-after-day groceries and favor seasonal, native foods, they opt for artesian  product over factory-made ones. as an example, they are going to the native butcher’s buy a roast, then visit the workplace for bread and eventually build a visit to the fromangerie for cheese. As a result, the food is densely alimental while not the chemicals and preservatives of highly-processed alternatives.

Contrast this to a typical American’s looking trip. The yank can obtain bread, prepacked cold cuts and individually-wrapped cheeses dead one stop at the supermarket… and may watch these foods publicized  whereas they eat their meal before of the TV.

5. The French diet emphasizes quality over amount
Westerners square measure trained to worth amount over quality once it involves our food. we have a tendency to obtain lightweight frozen dessert, a tasteless mass of milk powder and chemical stabilizers, as a result of we will eat a lot of of it than the deeply decadent full-fat choice. we elect chemicals over quality ingredients so we will eat a lot of of the chemicals, even if it tastes mediocre? this can be simply tousled.

The French square measure actually glad by quality over amount. They opt for one sq. of divine chocolate instead of a hunk of low cost chocolate. They prefer to split afters 2 or 3 ways instead of relish the unsatisfactory “light” choice all to themselves.

Fortunately, we have a tendency to square measure hard-wired to relish quality over amount, we've got simply over-ridden that setting with a preference for the act of intake, not the enjoyment of intake. By intake slowly and advertently, you'll re-set your innate want for quality over amount.

6. there's no such factor as sinfully delicious
Mireille explains in her book that the term “sinfully delicious” could be a ridiculous image in French cultures. Food is just delicious. To relish smart food could be a due pleasure. regardless of what proportion butter or sugar a dish contains, the data of that doesn't diminish the rapture of intake it.

Because they eat while not guilt, the French square measure unengaged to relish food and wine to most enjoyment. and pleasure suggests that feeling glad with less food. And, as a result of they ne'er feel disadvantaged, the French don't slip into patterns of binging. square measure you seeing a pattern here?

7. The french diet includes organ meats
Americans and alternative westerners wince at the words “sweetbreads” or “liver paté.” variety meat – organ meats together with brains, livers, tripe, kidneys, heart and tongue – have a key place within the trendy and ancient French diet.

Organ meats not solely stretch the budget, however they supply key nutrients that we have a tendency to lack by overwhelming solely muscle meats. as an example, we want the B vitamins in liver to completely utilize the supermolecule in cut. As a matter of reality, liver is that the most nutrient-dense food on the world.

Paté, a French favorite created with liver, egg yolks, and butter or cream, provides the vitamins and minerals from liver beside the fat-soluble vitamins found in egg yolks and farm. If you're trying to find a nutrient-packed indulgence, look no farther than homemade  pate.

8. The French diet is ancient
What is a “traditional diet?” Dr. Edward Weston value, a medical practitioner with a passion for nutrition, traveled the world to find the secrets of healthy, happy folks. He recorded his findings within the 30’s within the landmark book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. From the Eskimo in American state to the Maori in New Sjaelland, Dr. value disclosed that the diets ancient to every culture, though addicted to geographics, followed a strict set of dietary laws. This enclosed a awfully high consumption of fat-soluble vitamins and enzyme-rich foods. in addition, ancient diets all saw animal foods as sacred and very important to health.

Obviously, the French diet includes a good share of white sugar and white flour, ingredients with health-robbing properties. However, their sturdy digestion (thanks to aware eating) and ancient, nutrient-dense foods, the french diet in whole clearly outweighs the implications of the pastries.

The French diet adheres to several ancient diet pointers. contemplate the trendy french diet compares to the french diet from the 1800’s… or maybe 1600’s! we discover the commonalities of seasonal and varied manufacture, skilled worker breads, native farm product, and lots of vitamin-rich organ meats and animal fats.

If we have a tendency to compare the Western diet thereto of our great-great-grandparents, we discover a good distinction. We’re intake lightweight frozen dessert, fat free salad dressing, xerophytic plant nectar, canola oil, Egg Beaters, soy supermolecule cereal… all with a good share of GMO’s thrown in. Great-great-grandma would’t acknowledge our ingredients!

9. The French eat a large type of foods
Because the French diet focuses on native and seasonal foods, it encompasses a large type of ingredients. rather than selecting between contemporary or frozen inexperienced beans within the foodstuff, they face the choice of 5 differing kinds of heirloom inexperienced beans at their market. rather than selecting between lightweight and full-fat cheddar cheese, they choose from many skilled worker cheeses at the fromagerie.

A wide type of ingredients means meals square measure exciting and supply a spread of nutrients. French youngsters eat what's given to them, though this often entails withholding afters before a food is satisfactorily sampled. Most French folks would ne'er offer their youngsters the choice of a hot dog rather than intake the “grownup food.”

10. Wine is associate expertise
While there square measure continually exceptions, the French don’t drink simply to drink. Sipping a cocktail to kill time? drinking a brew before of the TV? L’horreur! The French use wine to elevate food and contrariwise. A French meal isn't complete while not a glass of wine, and a glass of wine isn't complete while not an appropriate food pairing. Alcohol is incredibly, terribly seldom consumed within the absence of food.

11. The French diet includes raw foods
The French are masters of the Yin and Yang of cuisine. They pay utmost attention to the balance of sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, and hot and cold. In order to enjoy balanced textures and flavors, they include plenty of fresh and raw foods. Raw foods, whether raw egg yolks in a salad dressing or raw frisse in a salad, provide a unique profile of nutrients including all-important enzymes. 

The enzymes in live foods actually help us digest and breakdown the food in our meal. When we consume only cooked foods, we can stress our digestion. Traditional cultures usually enjoyed a raw component in each meal and often this was a fermented food which also contains beneficial probiotics.

12. The French don’t count pounds
The rest of the world envies French women for their figures and sense of style. “How can they eat all that butter and wine and stay skinny?” we ask. Well, it is partly due to the butter that they stay skinny (see #14). With that said, they do monitor their weight to maintain a figure that makes them happy.

French women don’t step on the scale each morning. Instead, use the fit of a tight pair of pants (what Mireille calls the Zipper Syndrome) or a tape measure to stay on track. This is the ideal way to watch one’s weight, because scales can’t take into account muscle or normal weight fluctuations during the month.

What happens if the zipper is tight? French women never diet, they simply make compensations. This preserves their metabolism and health in the long-run. Yo-yo dieting and crash dieting absolutely devastates the metabolism, because the body senses a period of starvation and then burns calories more slowly to conserve energy.

If her pants start to feel tight, the French woman will simply cut back on pastries or chocolate for the week. She will never let herself feel deprived and chooses when to carefully indulge, even during this compensation time. Another act of compensation may include eating a lighter dinner after an indulgent lunch.

13. The French don’t count calories, either
Calorie-counting accomplishes three things:

It de-emphasizes quality
It falsely simplifies healthy eating
It promotes stress, not satiety.
Obviously, the act of calorie-counting in its entirety clashes with the philosophy of French eating. The French diet leaves no room for calorie-counting, and one result is a nation of fit, healthy people.

healthy ingredient swaps

14. The french eat lots of good fats
The French Paradox is used to describe how the French eat copious amounts of saturated fats while remaining healthy with low rates of heart disease. The saturated fat intake of the French actually explains – not mystifies – the health of the nation.

Although we’ve been misled by very poor science in the past, we know now that old-fashioned saturated fats protect health. Cholesterol from egg yolks and butter is an important nutrient, not something to avoid. The eggs, cream, cheese and lard that kept our ancestors healthy keep the French healthy. Saturated fats play a vital role in gallbladder health, hormone balance, detox and weight loss (here’s why!)

15. The French diet excludes fake foods
Americans and other Western cultures eagerly jump on the bandwagon of “new and improved” foods. Why stick with plain old butter when you can buy calorie free canola oil spray? It doesn’t matter than canola oil is a non-food and that butter contains vital nutrients and health-protective properties. Why eat eggs for breakfast when you can enjoy ultra-processed soy protein cereal sold by your favorite celebrity on TV? It doesn’t matter that soy ruins your thyroid and messes with your hormones.

The French don’t fall for “new and improved” when it comes to their food. Because the art of cooking is passed on from generation to generation, the French value traditional preparation methods and the same real foods that nourished their great-great-grandparents.

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