Daily Health Journal! Take back your health in 2020!

Daily Health Journal! Take back your health in 2012!

Six months ago, i used to be diagnosed with a couple of Sclerosis, Raynaud’s disorder, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue disease, arthritis, AND we observed a tumor on my thyroid. This was all compounded by using the reality that I already had an autoimmune ailment, and had been on hormone therapy for the last 7 years. (broadly speaking I simply feel tested that there was some thing incorrect a lot of these years, thanks for asking.)

And as I commenced remedy for every of my delightful illnesses, i used to be advised to start journaling the minute information of my existence, due to the fact something could reason a relapse, and we need to know what my  triggers are.

I also ought to song how my medications are running, whether or not or not symptoms are improving, and it’s helpful to realize wherein I’ve administered my injections, in order that I don’t blow out an injection site. (Are you bored of my fitness records yet?)

in addition, I wished an area to keep tune of what I eat, because i am getting to attempt out a brand new food regimen this year, and due to the fact I constantly have a few form of low-grade fever, we need to music what MY everyday is.

essentially, I wanted a customised fitness magazine that would hold all of my statistics in a single area, and considering I couldn’t locate one, I made one. My existence is SO thrilling.

And as I’ve talked to other folks who are managing health issues, I’ve located that I’m now not on my own in my need for a One-prevent-keep type of daily fitness journal. So I’m sharing mine, and i wish that it enables you, as tons as it allows me.

And also, also: strive no longer to develop tumors, okay?

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