“Cold” weakens the heart

“Cold” weakens the heart

Where do we make the mistakes?

A lot of people don’t really pay serious attention to cold or respiratory infections caused by viruses. These conditions can lead to intensifying allergies, heart failure etc…

The combo of a “cold” with compromised immunity leads to occurrence of bacteria. These bacteria are the main reason why a simple “cold” can lead to complications and cause ear infections, chronic sinus inflammation, cough, pneumonia.

Professor Petar Otasevic, a cardiologist within the “Cardiovascular Institute” in Belgrade states that respiratory diseases, mainly “the flu” can significantly increase the chance for developing heart diseases.

If the symptoms continue after 3 or 4 days, or if they even get worse, these manifestations include trouble breathing, chest pains and fatigue when in fact you’ll need to seek out medical attention.  Typical signs of heart diseases include: tachycardia, fatigue, leg swelling or the inability to lie on your shoulder.

In the event of a heart disease not diagnosed on time or not provided the proper medical attention, a long term damage to the heart can be done. This leads to chronic heart disease or even fatality.

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