Tacfit Commando Review

Are you looking for a workout program that is bodyweight only? One that will give you a full body workout and that can be done anywhere you go without any equipment? If so Tacfit Commando may be a good alternative for you.

Designed to take you beyond functional fitness into what the authors call “tactical fitness”, this exercise program promises to give you more results by working smarter rather than harder. Or as they describe the nature of their routines themselves:

“Crazy breakdance-type coordination that builds the iron strength of a gymnast, the mobility of a yogi, the lightning speed of a martial art master, and the body of a commando.” ~Coach Scott Sonnon.

In this review we’ll have a look at what that actually means in practice and if Tacfit Commando can deliver on their lofty goals.

You can check out the home page of Tacfit Commando here.

A Bit Of a Background

The Tacfit series of workout programs are created by coaches Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdoch. As the name of the program implies the objective of the training is to develop what the authors call tactical fitness in the practitioner.

What they mean by this is the ability to perform physically demanding tasks in bursts of effort. The idea is to have a program that not only makes you faster and stronger, but that prepares your body for the unexpected by incrementally increasing the neurological sophistication of the exercises.

Or in plain English – when you become good at an exercise you don’t just crank up the repetitions, you move on to a more difficult version of that exercise. And while doing so a lot of emphasis is put on injury prevention by including low intensity recovery sessions with more Yoga type exercises (don’t quit reading if Yoga “isn’t your thing” – this is probably not what you think!), joint mobility and maintenance etc.

This type of workout is said to be great for tactical responders, athletes, special operations personnel etc.

And of course for regular people as well. Because not only will Tacfit Commando style training greatly boost physical performance. It will build muscle, burn fat and develop a great looking body in the process.

And it sets out to accomplish all of the above in less time than is required with most cardio-style workout programs.

Enough Theory – What Is It You’ll Be Doing?
Tacfit commando is essentially a bodyweight high intensity interval training program. In line with the theory of the Tabata protocol and similar studies, this type of training can increase your VO2max performance much quicker than steady state training (jogging for example).

Depending on how much bodyweight exercise you have been doing you will probably be familiar with at least some of these exercises as they, on the lowest level, build on well-known moves like lunges, push-ups and so on. With Tacfit there is just a lot more to them than what you may have encountered previously.

Each movement comes in three levels of difficulty; recruit, grunt and commando. Just so you can get a quick idea of how this kind of movement progression can look lie, here is a short video demonstrating one the progression of one of the simpler exercises in the system the sit thru. (Note that the video demonstration is partially sped up for cinematic effect):



Here is another example showing the two more difficult versions of another exercise called the scorpion:

I think this particular exercise is a good example of how Tacfit Commando exercises can look, since it involves movement in several degrees of freedom in a way that requires a high level of strength and coordination.

It also demonstrates how Tacfit teaches you complex motor skills through component learning. The final exercise, Scorpion strike, is genuinely difficult to pull off properly – even for a reasonably well trained person. But if you master the two easier versions first – the beginner level has you lying flat on your stomach, arms out to the side doing only the leg portion of the exercise – you will eventually get there.

The Tacfit Commando program comes with three different workout routines, consisting of 6 exercises each. As each exercise has 3 levels of difficulty you are looking at a total of 54 different bodyweight exercises.

In addition you also have the a warm-up and cool-down programs that consist of 36 different exercises. This may sound like a lot, but by dealing with them in the bite sized chunks typical to Tacfit, you will not be overwhelmed while still having enough variety to keep you from getting bored.

Unique Schedule – Total Body Workout
The Tacfit Commando training program is laid out in a very specific manner, both when it comes to how you do the exercises within a training session as well as when you exercise and in what manner.

Everything is done in cycles.

Because first off, coach Sonnon recommend that you skip the traditional 3 days a week training schedule for a 4 day cycle instead. This means that you will be practicing every day, rotating your exercises in the following manner:

Day 1: No intensity joint mobility exercises
Day 2: Low intensity compensatory yoga
Day 3: Moderate intensity strength practice
Day 4: High intensity metabolic conditioning

You then repeat this cycle 7 times over the next 28 days, before moving on to the next routine in the series. The workouts you do on day 3 and 4 actually consist of exactly the same movements, but on your high intensity day you crank the intensity all the way up.

According to Scott Sonnon the four day wave is the optimal way to do the program, but if that should prove impossible for your schedule he also offers instructions for a traditional 3 day split as well as a 7 day wave. Additionally there is some good advice on how to combine Tacfit with other training or sports activities.

Regardless how you do it, Tacfit Commando makes very effective use of your time. The moderate and high intensity day sessions are always done like this:

 6 exercises

8 sets per exercise
Each set consists of 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest
1 minute active rest between exercises
In other words each exercise will take you a total of 5 minutes to complete, for a complete workout (including a few minutes for warm-up and cool-down) that takes about 40 minutes. On your two lower intensity days you literally only have about 15 – 20 minutes of work to do and that’s it!

Intuitive Training System

Speaking of intensity, Tacfit Commando also features a very intuitive and unique approach to determine the level of your workout. Rather than telling you how many repetitions you “need to do”, Scott Sonnon actually teach you how to correctly throttle the intensity according to your individual fitness.

This is a rather elaborate topic, covered in great detail in the Tacfit Commando manual, but suffice to say that it involves monitoring your heart rate, breathing and rate of perceived exertion. This is a great concept as it allows you to start improving from your own base level while learning a lot about how your body works under pressure.

Not Enough?!

When reviewing the Tacfit training regimen, some people might think that it isn’t “enough”. Because it doesn’t really feature pure strength training or prolonged cardio training as many of us have grown accustomed to.

But this is where the magic with Tacfit happens! It actually does provide both these things – with much less time involved than if you did them both separately the “traditional” way.

For the strength bit it has to be said that it depends on your goals though. Training exclusively with Tacfit may not be the best way to quickly increase your record in bench pressing. Because Tacfit is by design not meant to build a very specific skill like that. It will however greatly enhance your overall functional strength for whatever you may need it for – naturally increasing your muscle mass in the process.

As for the cardiovascular bit I couldn’t personally be more impressed with the results. As someone who has never been into running I can honestly not compare it to that myself. But I have played many sports, soccer for instance, that involves a lot of running and after I started implementing Tacfit as a part of my workout regimen my endurance has increased very notably.

A Complete System 

I am not going rundown everything that is incorporated into Tacfit Commando, as they make an estimable showing of that all alone site.

In any case, I will say that it really is a finished exercise program. It incorporates a complete composed manual, instructional recordings and track with exercise recordings. Everything is given as advanced downloads that you can watch/read on your PC, or move to any compact media player. Especially the track with recordings is obviously extraordinary to have on a gadget that you can undoubtedly take with you – like an advanced mobile phone or tablet.

For somebody like me, who has constantly discovered long cardio sessions exhausting and like to undermine the extending and recuperation sessions, the total balanced methodology of Tacfit Commando is simply immaculate. I don't skirt these sessions any more, as Tacfit has plainly exhibited how extraordinary these things are for my body. Having separate days for these sessions has tackled the issue I used to have with doing an overwhelming exercise and after that swindling with the extending because of "absence of time".

Tacfit Commando even accompanies a strategic status diet plan and proposed plans. You unquestionably don't have to pursue these perfectly obviously, however they do give profitable knowledge into how to fluctuate your eating routine for ideal wellbeing and execution. "Diet" may in actuality be to some degree a misnomer as the objective here is to build up your own eating plan that is economical over the long haul – and that will fit well with what your body requires for the multi day wave preparing.

Goodness, and the plans really are fairly delectable 😉 

My lone problem with the materials gave is that the recordings are given in a fairly low goals. This is alright whenever seen on a littler screen obviously, yet when you see them on your PC it will either be in an extremely little window or of rather poor visual quality.

The upside of this is the records to download are of little size. What's more, notwithstanding the to some degree poor video quality there is actually no issue to get the hang of all that you have to know from the recordings.

Is Tacfit Commando Right For You? 

As you may have effectively finished up from the abovementioned, I would joyfully prescribe Tacfit Commando to anybody keen on a decent, all out body exercise bodyweight program. The way that it is versatile because of complete absence of gear is extremely only a reward for me by and by – this is an activity framework paying little mind to the space and hardware right now accessible to you.

Be that as it may, in the event that you have done positively no physical exercise for some time I don't know that Tacfit Commando is the perfect program for you at the present time. While Scott Sonnon is an incredible mentor, he will in general move along rather quickly in his instructional recordings. There are no 15 moment addresses on explicit biomechanics here but instead a "do this, do, presently proceed onward to the following activity" sort of educating. Actually I like this style, however I can perceive how a total tenderfoot may get confounded.

He covers all the central matters of each activity in the recordings, however you may need to watch the guidelines on different occasions so as to have the option to duplicate each move precisely. Try not to be reluctant to move gradually with this in the event that you need to, in light of the fact that right structure is significant here.

In the event that it's been some time since you last worked out I would propose that you look at Tacfit Warrior from a similar creator first, as this program contains two extra "light" and "pre-select" levels that are somewhat simpler than the enlist level in Tacfit Commando. In the event that you are totally rusty you might need to examine a considerably milder beginning with a program like Intu-Flow Daily Double by one of Sonnon's understudies Gwint Fisher.

To everybody who as of now has probably some degree of wellness, people the same, I am wholeheartedly prescribing Tacfit Commando as a program to add to your exercise library. Regardless of whether you as of now esteem yourself to be respectably cutting-edge with regards to bodyweight exercises, Tacfit has their very own one of a kind way to deal with preparing that will help keep your exercises new and changed.

The present cost, 99 dollars, may appear to be somewhat steep from the outset. In any case, remember that you are getting a great deal of material to work with. Going consecutively through every one of the schedules and levels, advancing straightly ceaselessly or re-doing a level, in Tacfit Commando will take you 264 days!

In any case, reasonably you are not going to treat it so harshly as that in any case. Contingent upon your degree of wellness one cycle (28 days) of a degree of trouble may not be sufficient to progress to the following modernity of each activity. Actually I have likewise blended and coordinated the Tacfit framework with different types of preparing and sports, and I generally think that its a fulfilling and evergreen exercise framework to normally come back to.

Furthermore, it is my earnest conviction that this sort of preparing will extraordinarily upgrade your build – both practically and tastefully.

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