5 Best Fat Burning Drinks to Lose Belly Fat and Shrink Your Waist


Infused water is my favorite belly fat burning drink to lose tummy fat and reduce bloating.

With particular fruits, herbs, and veggies, infused water can also have detoxifying effects.

Not only those detox infused water helps you hydrate your body, but it can also aid your fat loss.

Take cucumber infused water for example. It combines cucumber, lemon, and mint to effectively flush out toxins and melt off fat.

But it’s not just what you infuse the water with that’s key.

Water itself brings detox and fat burning benefits. Water has cleaning effects, brings satiety and prevents overeating.



By pairing that with antioxidative produce, you see greater detoxifying effects. Together, you’ll clean your body, boost metabolism, and increase fat burn.

If you routinely lack nutrients in your daily diet, detox infused water is also a great way to replenish.

With the right ingredient pairings, detox water brings the benefits of vitamin water.

If you are looking to lose belly fat and detoxify your body to up your metabolism, here are best 5 recipes you must try.

5 Best Belly Fat Burning Detox Infused Water Recipes:

1. Cucumber Infused Water

Cucumber water is my go-to detox infused water recipe.

The main ingredient, cucumber is an ideal fruit to infuse water with. It not only adds a refreshing taste to the water but also brings many other health benefits.

While 96% of cucumber is water, this fruit is full of fiber, vitamin B-5, and pantothenic acid. Its antioxidant properties are often used in acne treatment (1).

In this belly fat infused water, cucumber works to add satiety and flush out toxins. By pairing with other superfoods like ginger, aloe vera, and herbs, it’s a fat burning drink you can’t miss.


1 cucumber, sliced
1 bunch of mint, washed
1 lime, sliced
1 tbsp sliced ginger
1 stick of aloe vera, peeled
Purified water

How to Make It:

Peel aloe vera’s skin and cut in skinny sticks. Wash and slice all the remaining ingredients except water and mint.
In a glass container, add all your produce and pour purified water. Add mint and stick in the aloe vera.
Store in the refrigerator and let it sit for at least 2 hours. Drink.
2. Lemon Detox Water
Lemon detox water is the easiest infused water to make.

But don’t let its simplicity fool you.

This lemon detox water brings as many health benefits as any other detox water. It includes but not limited to added vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants (2).

Also when consumed with iron-rich foods, it increases your body’s iron absorption.

By adding a tad of freshness to otherwise boring water, it may also help you drink more water and hydrate better. As a result, it promotes digestive health, reduces bloating, and aids weight loss.


2 lemons
2 quarts of water
How to Make It:
Place 2 thinly sliced lemons in a pitcher after washing the lemon skin thoroughly. Add 2 quarts of water.
Refrigerate for 1-2 hours to allow the lemons to infuse. Stir well and strain, discarding the lemons.
Serve the water with fresh lemon slices and if you like a little kick, you can sprinkle a dash of cayenne pepper. The lemon detox water lasts for 1-2 days in the refrigerator.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink 

Apple juice vinegar drink is one of my other go-to wellbeing detox tonic beverage. It's one beverage that is a staple in my morning schedule.

I do this to begin my day helping the body flush poisons out.

Research appears to help the apple juice vinegar benefits (3).

The acidic corrosive in apple juice vinegar is likely what drives its fat consuming and weight reduction, per considers.

To get the advantages, make your morning apple juice vinegar water underneath and drink.


1 cup of water

1 tbsp apple juice vinegar

1 tbsp new lemon juice

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp of Honey

The most effective method to Make It:

Consolidate all fixings in a glass. Blend well with a spoon and afterward drink.

4. Strawberry Infused Water 

This strawberry enhanced beverage is one of my preferred natural product seasoned waters to make.

It's invigorating yet fruity.

It additionally helps that strawberries are probably the most beneficial natural product.

Like different berries, they are most astounding in cell reinforcement content that beats oxidation.

With just 49 calories for each cup, strawberries are additionally ideal for weight reduction. Other than cell reinforcements, they contain Vitamin C, fiber, and some calcium, magnesium, and potassium (4).

All've been connected to lessening midsection fat.

To make this reviving strawberry injected water, here are the 4 simple advances:


5-6 strawberries

1 cup of ice solid shapes

Pitcher of water


Cut your strawberries into cuts.

Spot the strawberry into a glass, pitcher or jug injecter.

Include some ice 3D shapes and pour water over the strawberries. Water ought to totally cover the natural product cuts.

Store it in the cooler for two or three hours before getting a charge out of it. The more it sits, the more flavor you appreciate. It can keep going for a few days in the ice chest.

I incline toward my seasoned water to sit for in any event 1 hour before drinking, so the water can absorb the flavors.

In spite of the fact significantly less season, despite everything I like to refill to make the second bunch of strawberry detox water.

5. Green Tea Drink 

Green tea contains caffeine and polyphenols that influence the body from multiple points of view. Studies have demonstrated that these various mixes may impact and expand your digestion (5).

As we as a whole know, that enables the body to consume more calories, adding to weight reduction and midsection fat misfortune.

Indeed, one investigation shows green tea can help your digestion by 4 % (6).

This proposes green tea could be instrumental in consuming midsection fat.

Far better, you can include green tea as a component of your general change in eating routine and exercise.

To include a touch of tart taste and a wholesome lift, I add lemon cuts to this ground-breaking green tea detox drink.

Alright here's the manner by which to make green tea lemon injected water:


3 liters of decontaminated water

6 green tea teabags

3 lemons, 1 cut and squeeze from 2

New Ginger


Juice two of the lemons and cut one.

Warmth up a pot of water and include the tea packs to make green tea. Give it a chance to sit for 10 - 20 minutes. Strip 5 cm of new ginger and cut it. Add it to the blend.

Expel the tea packs from the pot and chill it off. Empty the tea fluid into the container of lemons and ginger. Store it in the cooler for two or three hours before drinking it.

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