Treat Your Ingrown Toenail With These 6 Natural & Homemade Remedies


The toenail is accepted in medical word as onychocryptosis and area unit a awfully usually downside that may begin once one among the nails gets embedded into the toe skin and just in case you are doing not take excellent care of it, it will become a awfully massive downside. The one massive symptom of it's pain and redness therein affected area unit, though it will go along with inflammation, pus and a few different complications if it gets infected.


They area unit in relevance the continual use of inappropriate shoes that area unit fairly often fabricated from rigid materials that are preventing the foot from respiration, and it's fairly often forgotten that the toenail plant may be also a part of the difficulty. The nail plant seems once the plant goes into the nail through a trauma as for instance a cut or an occasion, whereas many of us assume that hygiene may be a cause it's not true in the least.

In case you're desirous to be safe from infection, it's crucial to treat unhealthy toenails as presently as they happen and a few gentle cases may need lowest treatment reception with home remedies, some serious cases may have surgical intervention and by chance there area unit some ways in which area unit natural so as to ge eliminate AN toenail on your own while not having to travel to the doctor, thus here we'll tell you regarding six natural treatments for the unhealthy toenails.

Washing or soaking your foot

This can be of nice profit to stay your toe clean if you're soaking the foot during a heat and saponaceous water, and this shall be done 3 times every day, and you furthermore may embody thusme Epsom salt so to form the skin of the affected space soft, which is however you may lengthen the toenail.

Washing it with some soap

In case you are doing not have time for soaking, attempt to wash the foot and offensive the nail double every day with some soap and water, and you'll conjointly use soap to its natural and pure ingredients and make certain to stay the foot clean and dry.



Soak it in some apple vinegar

This one is extremely previous people remedy used for nearly everything of late which incorporates unhealthy toenails. In itself it contains anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and pain relieving talents though scientific proof is proscribed. just in case you wish to undertake this remedy, prepare a basin of heat water combined with one quarter cup of apple vinegar and soak the affected foot for up to twenty minutes every day, so eventually dry your foot once the soaking.

Pack the world with floss or cotton

This is one thing that not each medical cluster agrees which it tucking tiny bits of cotton or waxed floss below the sting of AN toenail thus to assist correct nail growth. putt cotton below your nails will boost the pain and permit some harmful microorganism to thrive and soaking  the cotton or floss in alcohol before the appliance of this might minimize this risk.

No high heels or tight shoes

Even though several of the females like high heels, those that have a haul with toenail shall keep one's eyes off from them. Tight shoes or high heels will increase the pressure to the affected space thus sandals area unit quite smart plan.

Essential oils

These will lower the pain ANd conjointly the inflammation that's related to AN toenail and you will produce an own volatile oil mix if you mix Cyprus, clove, tea tree oil, lavender and rosemary with some carrier oil as for instance vegetable oil, mix all of those well so gently massage on the affected space. Doing can|this could|this may} facilitate in avoiding artificial medications by providing natural pain relief for the unhealthy nail and conjointly will provide the world a healthier setting with it to heal.

How must you cut AN toenail

This may be terribly troublesome which is why you may have to be compelled to be terribly careful and generally it would need some facilitate. we tend to area unit telling you the step by step guide:

What is 1st, is to thusak the feet in some heat water that is mixed with Epsom salt or soap for around twenty minutes so to melt the toenail {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} skin and also lower the swelling.

Following step, with clean fingers thrust back the swollen skin during a careful manner from the nail border. however don't force it back quite the swollen skin permits.

What you would like to try to to now's to chop the nail straight across and begin with the sides of the toenail, whereas cutting the nail from the edges not from its middle.

Put some cotton between the toenail and also the skin, which may stop the toenail from returning which can enable it to grow properly.

If you wish to assist the healing method and conjointly to prevent future in-growing you shall avoid carrying socks and conjointly shoes once you area unit reception, thus wear some flip flops or another shoes that avoid dirt however that the air will flow into.

In order to avoid infection, modification the cotton daily twice every day.

Homemade toenail ointment

If you place this directly on your toe you will realize some terribly required relief and quicker healing.


  • 5 drops essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 drop oregano oil
  • 5 drops lavender oil
  • 2 drops seasoner
  • 2 ounces Aloe vera gel
  • 2 ounces vegetable oil


You should take a jar with a lid and place the ingredients within and take alittle spoon to combine the ingredients. once laundry the toe apply the remedy to that and if you'll  let it dry naturally. If you'll not, use bandages.

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